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  • Ian Dudley


Southwold estuary

I've learned a lot from reading interviews with writers—The Paris Review sort of thing—but I'm not keen on talking about my own writing: I appreciate the anonymity of Salinger and Pynchon. When a journalist insisted on "outing" Elena Ferrante it seemed to me like an embarrassing case of missing the point: it wasn't as if she was in witness protection, or on the FBI most wanted list—she was just a writer who wanted some privacy for her books, or their author, rather than herself.

All that said, when Neil Laurenson approached me to do a Pleased to meet you interview for his poetry blog it seemed churlish to refuse. Plus he had some non-cliche questions he wanted answering ("Once when I sneezed, a piece of sweetcorn came out of my nose – can you tell me something interesting about you?"). Anyway the interview is up there if, like me, you're a sucker for that sort of thing. There are a ton of other interesting posts also.

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